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          The new media industry Animated graphics and multimedia (new media, animation, graphics, and multi-media) as the media information digitally (digital content) and industrial software, a major one of five groups (clusters of business and industry development). development of industry and business. The industrial sector will play an important role in almost every field and is likely to expand even more in the future. As shown in the report of the survey report Roncarelli computer animation market, international operations have continued throughout the 20 years of data that countries in Asia. Pacific has a market share of digital media, information technology, 30 percent of the global market, with the major manufacturers, including Japan and South Korea.
          The Indian Animation Association reported that the industry in digital corporate communication. And in relation to organizational growth. The market share of up to 50 per cent in the animation industry and Multimedia (animation and multi-media), the world's overall value to 20,000 million USD or 700,000 million baht, higher than the national budget of the country. Kasikorn Research Center reported that the Thailand Animation and Multimedia businesses will be expanded in 2550 to about 9,495,000 million baht and the Asia Pacific region will have a market share of about 30 percent, or 2,848,650 million baht if Thailand can create. market share of only 1 percent would bring revenue into the country to 30,000 million baht, government and higher education institutions should be encouraged and promoted vigorously.
          The Bureau enhance economic competitiveness. Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board Identified cluster should be a priority in the year.. 2554-2559 is the promotion of the creative economy industries such as software, media and print media, film, video, music, software, digital advertising content. This is shown by the National Social and Economic Development Plan No. 11 In addition, the market research division of labor. Department of Employment Ministry of Labour Reported results of labor demand during the year 2553-2557 a group numbering 2455, actor, film director. Theater, and other related fields. There are many numbers to increase each year as follows: 2553 to 7522 7725 to 2554 as the year 2555 is 7932 people, 2556 is eight. 145 and 2557 is 8,364 people.
          From such data Seen that in the world of communication. (Communication business), be it newspapers, magazines, radio, television, film and music industries and other computers via the Internet with a wide range of rapid growth. These can be a multi-national business newspapers and online magazines such. Business, commercial, computer games, music (music commercial) website design exhibition Special events, radio and television broadcasting via cable. Satellite and Internet Bollywood, India's film. Film Holly Woods of the United States worldwide. The Korean movies are popular in Asia, the growing and diverse service model that makes business communication and entertainment needs of people who have the expertise and professionalism.
          By virtue of such The study of digital media technology. Whether it is movies, performing arts, new media, animation, graphics or multimedia. It is crucial, now and in the future. In particular, the field of film production. Television Arts and manufacture all types of media on a computer. The study of these aspects require a specific course. Including the management style of teaching, training, use of equipment. And communication technologies, in line with modern developments and changes in information technology. This will respond to the labor market and social needs of this sector, the government has planned to accelerate the promotion of digital media industry information seriously. Start by promoting entrepreneurship in animation and multimedia software. Including vocational education and higher education are beginning to pay attention to the course on digital media, information technology more.
          Therefore, to improve the teaching of digital media technology. Creating international markets And responds to the industrial development of digital media technology. University You need to establish a College of Film Arts and New Media, Salaya Campus. To teaching the arts, film production, animation and multimedia. And new media This is consistent with the labor market and providing services to the society. The strategy, which is based on the second and third of the university, including raising the quality of teaching and the creation of knowledge and research. It also responds to the goal of strengthening its outstanding excellence in the field of film art, animation and multimedia and new media policy of the University to become a center of excellence of educational media. Entertainment (Excellence Edutainment Centre), the country's early focus on college teaching and research programs that are universal. To support the teaching of English. And support for teaching a second degree.
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